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Roll forming

Our advanced roll formers can roll a wide range of CFS profiles from 89 to 254 mm and a range of 20 to 12 gauges. Our roll formers work directly with our CAM software to create one seamless production line from design to fabrication. Every member is rolled, marked, notched, punched and precisely cut to fit a pre-determined place within the panel. Consistent and precise tolerances are achieved throughout the roll forming process, allowing for a continuous flow of penalization, increasing the rate of production.


Having spent multiple years in research and development, our team of engineers and technicians have the knowledge to assist you from conception to construction. Using the latest design software and 3-D modelling, we can minimize any surprises and mitigate risk throughout the construction cycle. In addition to our in-house team of professionals, we have established important relationships and partnerships with design professionals specializing in prefabricated and modular construction methods. Together we work alongside your team to deliver a high-performing building.

Fabricate & panelize

With our background of over 25 years of fabricating and installing miscellaneous metals and structural steel, manufacturing has become our specialty. The integration of advanced roll formers into our manufacturing process has allowed us to greatly increase the speed of penalizing and achieve higher levels of quality control. In addition, our shop is over 30,000 ft.² with an additional 50,000 ft. ² of land used to store panels. No project is too big or too small for us to handle.


Our company utilizes both in-house and external teams of installers depending on the location and scale of the project. All our installers and sub-trades have extensive experience installing prefabricated or modular construction. Regardless if it is our team of installers or a sub-trade, we will always have a job site supervisor ensuring the highest level of quality control is maintained.

With our collective experience and innovative technology, we can assist you every step of the way.