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Application and benefits

Light steel framing building applications

Apartment, condo and hotel buildings are perfectly suited for light steel framing. This repetitiveness of the floor layouts creates clear uninterrupted load propagation from the ceiling to the foundation and is easily engineered for prefabricated panelized construction. Multiple flooring systems are easily incorporated with load-bearing walls depending on the average span required. Contractors and developers can benefit fully from fast track construction. In addition, the use of CFS members has proven to provide high sound, thermal and fire resistance while delivering a high-performing building over its life cycle.

In modern architecture, open spaces and high ceilings are widely desired. LSF flooring systems can span over 25 feet with minimal floor depths. Since all our flooring systems are designed for minimum deflection and vibration, great sound resistance is achieved with an STC floor rating above 60. In addition, homeowners can benefit from the many other advantages of building with LSF.

In most commercial mezzanines, height restriction is generally the governing factor when designing. Flooring systems such as a Bailey’s ComSlab composite deck is an ideal option. These can easily withstand load-bearing walls or steel beams and accommodate spans up to 35 feet while achieving minimal floor depths. In addition, both 1-hour and 2-hour fire ratings are easily attained with the ComSlab composite deck.

Light steel framing benefits
Why use steel?


  • Highest strength-to-weight ratio
  • Light weight structures
  • Savings on foundations
  • Easily accommodates larger spans

Off-site construction

  • Reduction of labour costs
  • Increases speed of construction
  • Minimized material waste
  • Minimized delays due to adverse weather
  • High level of precision, quality control and predictability

Superior building performance

  • ASTC floor ratings above 60 are easily achievable with C-joist panels
  • Minimal floor deflection and designed for vibration
  • Multiple wall compositions with an ASTC rating above 50
  • Minimal flanking transmission through floors and walls


  • Non-combustible; does not contribute to the spread of fire
  • Inorganic; will not develop rot mould and is resistant to termites.
  • Galvanization coating to prevent the material from corroding
  • Dimensionally stable: will not warp, crack, swell or creep


  • Steel is the most recyclable material used in the construction industry
  • More than 60% of steel consists of recycled steel
  • 100% of steel can be recycled at the end of its life cycle
  • Allows for LEED credits in projects