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Our systems

Load bearing walls

Load bearing walls are the key component of any light steel frame building. All our load bearing walls are factory assembled for fast installation on site. All headers, columns and load distribution members are incorporated into our panels. In addition, pre-tensioned flat strap bracing is integrated into our panels as a lateral force resisting system. They often work in conjunction with bracing provided from HRS or concrete core structures. Pre-tensioned bracing has shown to have negligible effects on the STC rating of the wall assembly.

Floor systems

C-Joist prefabricated panels are the optimal option for fast track construction. Panels are easily installed in-line with load bearing walls providing a clear load path from the roof to foundation. This system is best suited for spans varying from 15-23ft. The addition of steel deck and a concrete topping allow it to attain an STC rating above 60. Multiple floor compositions are available which will achieve both 1hr and 2hr fire ratings.

Download product specs (pdf)

Hambro’s composite joists are a great solution for buildings with longer spans. The open design easily allows for ventilation and plumbing to run through the joists, eliminating the need for any bulk heads and dropped ceilings. In addition, due to the composite action between the joists and concrete, no fire proofing is required, allowing for additional savings on construction. All Hambro’s systems are designed for vibration and sound transmission, achieving an STC rating above 50 and 2hr fire rating.

Download product specs (pdf)

The ComSlab composite deck system is a great alternative flooring system for buildings with larger spans and height restrictions. ComSlab can accommodate spans up to 35ft with minimal shoring required. All ComSlab systems have been tested for sound and fire rating achieving an STC rating over 55 and 1 and 2-hour fire rated assemblies.

Download product specs (pdf)

HRS structures and miscellaneous metal

Hot rolled steel is an integral part of any building. Serving either structural or miscellaneous applications, they are essential to a building’s functionality. Our extensive history in the manufacturing and installation of structural and miscellaneous steel allows us to provide our clients with added value. Incorporating these elements into all our buildings decreases the amount of sub-trades required and reduces coordination between sub-trades, ultimately achieving a higher degree of quality control over the building cycle.

  • Structural steel beams and columns
  • Prefabricated elevator shafts
  • Prefabricated emergency stair cases
  • Guard-rails and handrails
  • Canopies
  • Drain and pit covers

Among much more miscellaneous metal!