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A smarter way
of building

At Inotek structures, we offer innovative hybrid structures for residential and low to mid-rise buildings using prefabricated lightweight steel framing panels.

The art of building with lightweight steel framing (LSF) lies in the versatility of cold-formed steel members (CFS). Light gauge steel is easily rolled into various profiles providing high-strength and durable members. The individual members are factory assembled into wall and floor panels allowing for expedited erection on site. The versatility of CFS allows both engineers and architects greater design flexibility. Our team of engineers assesses every project and determine the most cost-effective solution ensuring savings on every project. From mezzanines to mid-rise buildings, no project is too big or too small.  LSF is the optimal choice in providing cost-effective and fast track building solutions.

The power of engineering

Build Lighter

Cold formed steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio compared to any other conventional building material.

  • 50% lighter than conventional concrete construction
  • 35% lighter than conventional steel buildings
  • 35% lighter than wood framing

Build Faster

Prefabricated construction methods offer contractors fast track building solutions.

  • Over 6,500 ft.² framed in 1 week
  • Minimize delays to due to interruptions between sub-trades
  • Accurate and precise construction

Build Smarter

With our Hybrid LSF structures, a greater percentage of the building is integrated in the superstructure. 

  • Over 65% of all walls are framed
  • Integrated miscellaneous metals and structural steel
  • Superior sound and fire rated assemblies

Why build with LSF ?

A major benefit of building with LSF structures is shifting the majority of work off site and into a controlled assembly plant. Fabrication accounts for approximately 65% of the construction time, leaving only 35% of the work to be completed on site. The shift of work off site allows contractors to benefit from:

  • 1 / Shorter construction cycles
  • 2 / Reduced permit and rental equipment costs
  • 3 / Quicker investment returns
  • 4 / Minimized delays due to adverse weather

Added Value

Hot rolled steel is an integral part of any building. Serving either as structural or miscellaneous applications, it is essential to the functionality of a building. Our extensive background in structural steel and miscellaneous metals allows us to integrate both these elements in all our prefabricated designs, thereby reducing the number of sub-trades to streamline the construction process and maintain greater quality control.         

Choose Inotek structures for your next light steel framing project!